It’s time to put on that poker face and review Adult Friend Finder this time around. If you have been on the internet for the past two decades or so – whoa, it has been that long! – then you have heard this name mentioned somewhere.

I love Adult Friend Finder because it leaves nothing to the imagination. Everything you need to know about this adult website is in the name – adults finding friends. 

Envision having the power to pick from a pool of 100 million people on Adult Friend Finder. That’s about 40 million more than Ashley Madison and Tinder. Having that many people to choose from to date is like grabbing a 9-inch skin-wrapped weapon and blasting it off in a school of fish. You will undoubtedly hit something, from the back, the front, or the side – whichever position you like it, baby! 

That is the beauty of AdultFriendFinder compared to other internationally-known dating websites that are flooded with robocops shooting auto messages to your inbox to boost your confidence and keep you on the site to milk more money from your thinning pockets. Adult Friend Finder has its fair share of bots, but there are so many people here that the bots become obsolete. 

Who Comes to Adult Friend Finder?

Adult Friend Finder is for everybody, and; I mean everybody. Booty call seekers. Unrelentless meat beaters. Ultimate dick suckers. And rapid pussy eaters. Trans individuals. Straight men and women alike. See here at AdultFriendFinder the rainbow has a swingers twist – people who love wife and husband swapping and group sex – that includes BDSM fetish seekers. Because of this, finding a long-term relationship with someone you met on Adult Friend Finder would be harder than a man’s dick after taking a Bluechew viagra. But if you like the short-term, no strings attached, one night stands – go in quickly, bust a nut-n-go – then Adult Friend Finder is the way to go.

Adult Friend Finder Review Features

  • Advanced searching system generates local matches
  • Tons of groups geared toward individual fetishes and fantasies
  • AdultFriendFinder dating service customer support provides 24/7 assistance
  • Get points or pay for the gold membership to send messages to your sexy ass adult friends
  • Live webcam model section with chatrooms and a token dispenser to get them to show what you want to see

AFF Positives Pros

  • A bunch of communications features to get at someone 
  • Gold membership features seem like they are worth paying the price
  • Various gendered individuals have a ton of profiles here
  • For AdultFriendFinder to be so old, there are a lot of young people with profiles
  • Very easy website to find your way through
  • Cool groups, forum posts, and blogs to join
  • Users were pretty successful in facilitating their private hookups
  • Convenient booty calls when you want them
  • The most intricate search filter parameters ever

AdultFriendFinder Online Dating Cons

  • Many adult friend seekers get on here exclusively for sexual relations
  • Data breach in 2016 that exposed a lot of secrets about the site that has many questioning if the security is strong enough to protect for men meeting women
  • No messages can be sent or received without a gold membership
  • Too many members abandon their profiles – about 200 million
  • Users who are MILFs or sugar daddies might feel a bit awkward using the site because the majority of the users are under the age of 44
  • Scammers, fake profiles, prostitutes, and escorts are crawling on this website
  • Mobile site released in 2019, but it’s shitty
  • Pretty costly Gold membership

Adult Friends Finder Review: Find that Special One

100+ million profiles provide a never-ending list of potential dates for the cuffing season. There are so many active users that it would be next to impossible NOT to find a relationship partner. Many users are registered and active, but keep in mind that there are also millions of dead profiles abandoned, so you might accidentally waste valuable time and credits messaging them. But have no fear because the amount of real profiles makes up for the fake ones.

62% of the organic traffic are from the USA. There are either a lot of cheaters or a lot of daters, or both, in the Land of Opportunity to spank that booty. Don’t get things twisted, because the rest of the world also plays a substantial part in the Finder Networks’ development. There are a ton of surprises you will find here. Millionaire celebrities who starred in your favorite movies. Redneck NASCAR fans who are religious freaks. That 2016 data breach exposed a lot of people for who they are. 

There is another side of the website with live webcam models doing a lot of nasty things, but truthfully, it seems like they do not have a large fanbase. Maybe that will change later. Many performers seem to be regular people working 9 to 5’s trying their hands at something different for a change. 

Conducting searches on AdultFriendFinder for real erotic adults results in a long ass list mixed with men and women. You could put in someone’s username and find the page if it exists. If that does not work, then you still got a variety of ways to find people. The entire list shows about 25 profiles based on the following criterion:

  • VIP
  • Gold
  • Verified
  • Confirmed
  • Highlighted
  • With Video
  • With Photos
  • Broadcasting Now
  • Online Now
  • Online IM

Many of these profiles have intro pics of a sex act. However, AFF gives the power to activate an Adult Filter to show only the PG13 stuff if you’re surfing at your place of employment or while family members are lurking around the workstation at home. Most porn searches happen between 9am to 5pm. Goodbye to work productivity!

When I typed in a random zip code – 40404 (Berea, Kentucky) – I became surprised at how many people were located in that rural town that nobody knows (free tourism promotion from me!) and the surrounding area. Each profile has the following corresponding answers for each characteristic. It is the most advanced and detailed that I have ever seen on any dating website

  • Body type
  • Sexual orientation
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • With kids
  • Marital status
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Languages
  • Glasses
  • Endowment sizes and length
  • Willing to relocate
  • Zodiac sign (including Chinese)
  • Circumcised
  • Hair length
  • Education
  • Religion

Of course, like any NSA dating website, you can search for these people by their gender:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Couples
  • Trans
  • Alternatives

Agism does not exist on Friend Finder. Members from age 19 to 99 can be found. They are elderly baby boomer milfs and sugar daddies mixed with young teens and millenials. Wow. You can also search by a distance up to 10,000 miles from any zip code. That’s a lot of damned traveling! Then, you can narrow that to Join Date, Logged In Recently, and Logged In Three Months Ago. There are multiple ways to approach the age search. 

If you wonder how the hell can the matches be so accurate, the information base on the results from each person’s Purity Test about their sexual tastes. Over 100 questions determine what type of sexual personality you have and generate matches according to those results. So, the best approach is to put aside some time to answer each question thoughtfully and thoroughly. Enduring the survey-taking can be annoying, but worth the investment because you do not have to repeat the task after the first time. Once the survey results save, you are in business.

From the account you have so many ways to get around and access the important features:

  • Top Fans
  • Favorites Photos
  • Favorite Videos
  • Followers
  • Hotlist
  • Flirts I Sent
  • Profiles I Viewed
  • Gifts I Sent
  • Tips I Sent
  • Hotlisted Me
  • Flirted with Me
  • Tips I Received
  • Gifts I Received

The next section open doors to meet even more people and find the ones you had an interest:

  • My Private Albums
  • My Friends
  • Friend Request
  • Membership Date
  • Visibility
  • Block List 
  • Hottest Members Close to You
  • Hottest Members Videos
  • Hottest Member Albums

Adult Friend Finder Free Messages

Sorry, even though the best things in life are free like water, food in nature, except that’s not the case on Adult Friend Finder. You need credits to send messages, give virtual gifts, and send digital winks. That works in favor of women because they normally get random, intrusive perverted messages from bloodthirsty broke men seeking attention or free sex. If a man pays to talk to you, then he is serious about talking to you. More credits open additional avenues of communications with Voice Chatting, Live Webcam Camming, and Chatroom chatting to make sure the person is who they say they are. No pay, no play.

Fun Things on Adult Friend Finder You Probably Didn’t Know About

Adult Friend Finder is not just a place for local hookups, but there are some entertaining things to enjoy as well. 

‘Hot or Not’ Game – You become the Simon Caldwell and judge sleeping beauties from the ugly ducklings.

Magazine – Read articles written by real users (you could even write some yourself) about different erotic topics. 

Sex Courses – Virgins can break their mental cherries and learn about sex secrets they never knew.

Store – Buy porn movies from popular studios and shop from for toys, and more.

Does Adult Friend Finder Use Bots?

Fake profiles plague Adult Friend Finder, but signing up for an account cuts the bullshit. One way to navigate around this is to look for profiles that got ‘Confirmed’ on the introductory photo. That person signed up with Confirm ID to verify their identity. This ensures the pics are 100% real. 

Adult Friend Finder Awards

Adult Friend Finder has several awards from 2015 and 2016.

  • XBIZ Awards
  • GFY Awards
  • YNOT Awards

Cost of Adult Friend Finder Membership Rates: Credit Card Payments

The Adult Friend Finder subscription cost various prices. Paying for full access to all features with the following:

  • Credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover,
  • Sepa
  • Direct checking transfer
  • Gift cards – Major ones like Best Buy, Starbucks, Home Depot, Target
  • Check or Money Order in the mail

Full Prices

1 month – $39.99

3 months – $80.85

12 months –  $239.40

Gold membership enhancements:

1 month – $24.95

3 months – $35.85

12 months – $107.40

Customer Service Support Help Center

Being one of the largest sites in the world brings great responsibility. Therefore, AdultFriendFinder has waiting customer service agents answering questions and providing general assistance 24 hours a day.


Is Adult Friend Finder legit and secure? AdultFriendFinder has a high-rated GoDaddy certificate, 256-bit SSL, and a data center in Santa Clara, California.

Drawing A Conclusion from a Trusted Reviewer

Adult Friend Finder opened its doors in 1996, helping to usher in the whole online adult dating industry. Many in the same vein have piggybacked off the success of AdultFriendFinder.

There are some roadblocks ahead when searching for a companion like the potential of getting hacked or wasting money messaging fake or dead profiles. It’s all part of the game, but it seems worth it in the end.

One major problem with dating sites is that they offer only one niche. AdultFriendFinder offers a bunch of them in a variety of groups that you can join. You never know what you will stumble on. It’s like a maze of endless dating options that sets AFF apart from the others.

It’s the winner in the category of most people who are looking to date and fuck.

Adult Friend Finder: