Ashley Madison began as a tiny digital embryo on January 21, 2002. It grew into a world-renowned dating service for users seeking an affair online. A place for extramarital sex with a partner for a day or two or more, one night stands have become the standard prevalent. Users who utilize this marriage dating service internally yearn to take a break from their husband’s or wife’s nagging for peace of mind and have decided to creep around under the veil of protection and anonymity the Ashley Madison company provides. Is Ashley Madison safe now? You bet your last dollar it is! Safer than it was before. Follow this Ashley Madison review to learn why.

After using the free features vs the monthly membership, I realized that there are no strings attached to anything you do here. Life is short. You can break open the infidelity lock and enter the Ashley Madison premises in like a creep in the night for a quick fuck and then bounce with no trace. Don’t take that literally. Women are entitled to use the site for free to find a sugar daddy companion with ease; however, men need to cough up some dough if they want to enjoy the freedoms of this platform.

Does Ashley Madison Work?

I would say yes. The success stories all over the internet will agree with my assertion. I tried my luck on other dating services, and Ashley Madison seems to prevail in many areas. However, you cannot have the good without the bad, though. For instance, there are some fake profiles that respond with auto-generated messages. Users that are not computer-savvy will trade personals with them not knowing it’s a cheap way for Ashley Madison to get them to sign up for a premium. Ashley Madison does not come cheap. You will pay the cost to be the boss.

Some other online dating partners require a monthly membership; however, Ashley Madison does not work like that. It operates on a credit system and every premium feature you use will cost something. Usually too much money in some cases, especially when you accidentally message several bots or Nigerian or Indian scammers. That eats up your credits. Those mistakes will not get refunded. The free features can only take you down the road so far. You pay to send messages, winks, gifts, and flirts, and some men say it is not worth the hassle. But the huge benefit is for the women because they do not need to put any equity into the site and yield the greatest return if they land a good sugar daddy.

Cost of Ashley Madison


  • 1000 credits – $289


  • 500 credits – $169


  • 100 credits – $59

You will pay for these credits with a major credit card.

2015 Ashley Madison Hack

You can’t have the good without the bad, and I don’t like to focus on the bad too much. But there is an elephant in the room called the 2015 Ashley Madison data breach that leaked millions of user information from accounts across the globe. Everyone you can think of from politicians to celebrities and CEOs of some of the most recognized businesses in the world exposed using this cheating service. Couples relationships shattered. That is one of the risks using a site like this.

However, in a sick, twisted turn of fate, things did not go as planned. That 2015 hack became a free advertisement for Ashley Madison because membership sign-ups went through the roof. Today, there are roughly 30,000 people creating accounts daily that added to the already sixty million worldwide and 24 million in the USA alone. That’s a lot of cheaters in the land of the free!

Ashley Madison is bigger than ever with a superior net worth. It seems that the data breach was the best thing that happened to the site because not only are the security systems hack-proof, but the free advertisement gave so much publicity.

Does Ashley Madison Use Bots?

That’s a hard question to answer. I can’t say exactly. But, let me share my experience. All I know is that I have received messages from women who did not seem real. So, my answer is yes.

Search Account Filters

  • Age
  • Status
  • Languages (over 30 of them)
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Sexual orientation and preferences
  • Hair color
  • Eye color

Ashley Madison Online Dating Features

  • Married people can find solace with partners to spend quality time
  • Full of a bunch of sugar babies and sugar daddies searching for one night stands and long-term financial-based relationships
  • Top-of-the-line, A-1 security; they learned from their mistakes
  • Priority messaging by SMS or email for members who signed up for the premium membership
  • Expansive and extensive service
  • Advanced search filters for profiles Online Now, Chat Ready, Today (login), Last 7 Days
  • Users from over 53 countries who speak over 30 languages
  • Discreet mask to blur your photos for complete anonymity
  • Traveling Man or Traveling Woman feature to find people in the next city on your itinerary
  • The more money you pay and the more active you are, the higher your profile ranks
  • Android and Apple apps have an average rating of 3.5/5

Ashley Madison Online Dating Pros

  • Free features doesn’t limit much
  • Profile summary gives a good amount of information about the user
  • Monitor scams to keep fake people (catfish) from using the service
  • Millions of women from every part of the globe
  • Sexy, successful women and men
  • Date safety check feature connected to a police database for women who need to discover who they are dating
  • Small app; it doesn’t take up too much space on your smartphone

Ashley Madison Review Cons

  • Both Android and Apple apps are laggy
  • Millions of fake profiles and Nigerian, Indian scammers and hookers, prostitutes looking for a quick buck and offering no fuck
  • Gold diggers looking for an oblivious lucky charm sucker
  • Can search by zipcode but not by region
  • Faulty matching system; some users profiles that show in your feed are outside your area
  • Bunch of robo-messages
  • Will get in real trouble if your spouse finds out you are using Ashley Madison
  • Difficult to reach customer service, but easy for these people to take your money
  • Mobile dating app has even more limitations than the free browser website
  • Mobile app crashes a lot

How to Meet Someone from Ashley Madison: Rules

Meet in a public place out of town – You don’t want to risk getting caught by someone you know by staying in the city you reside in.

Stay in hotel rooms as much as possible – they provide a cloak of anonymity.

AshleyMadison Com Conclusion

Ashley Madison is a classic website for older sugar daddies in their 40s to meet young hot sugar babies in their 20s. Today, it seems to attract everybody looking for dating and sex. Your account might get overloaded with fake profiles, but when you get lucky and find a real person who is compatible, they will be worth your time and the relationship become prosperous. If you’re just looking for sex and a good time, then this site is excellent for providing secrecy.

Ease: 7/10

Value: 8/10

Security: 6.5/10

Likelihood to find what you are looking for: 8.5/10