If you are the type of person who loves useful dating apps with no hassle or strings attached to meet someone for the breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or a weekend amusement, then Be Naughty might be worth checking out because you might find what you are searching.

Most people who do the personal dating thing want a variety of girls and men available to talk with at all times of the day and night. Moreover, alternative genders for gay guys and lesbian gals need their taste a little something as well. You might mess around and stumble onto a threesome using Be Naughty!

Be Naughty Background Company Info

BeNaughty is fifteen years old, owned and operated by Together Networks Limited, which is a global dating alliance that also controls Quickflirt and NaughtyDate, among other cool ass sites. Usually, companies with this type of experience and background in the dating field execute their business practices like true professionals by using data from surveys to understand the mind of a dater better. So, the user experience is A+ due to the creators knowing precisely what people want, and I can attest they provide a pretty quality user experience.

This private company has between 500 and 1000 employees working hard across at least three locations in the British Virgin Island, New York City, and the customer care center in Malta. The last mentioned is questionable in terms of finance because many companies will register in Malta to avoid paying crazy taxes in the USA and UK. Either Be Naughty is a scam or smart people run it, and I don’t think the first one mentioned applies here.

Be Naughty Online Website Account Usage

Be Naughty is one of those websites where you need to get an account to get past the introductory page. You cannot see anything beyond that point without registering your name, email, password, etc. When the free account is created, you need to fetch the activation code and give it back to the system, and then you’re in business.

All of this should take no more than 10 minutes to complete because that is how long the code stays active. No one wants to repetitively fetch the code because they got stuff to do, like talking to girls online about sex. Generally, Be Naughty is one of those websites where you need to move fast on opportunities as they cum!

Uploading a photo of yourself or take a live webcam snapshot is the next step. Without it, no profile. Whatever you do, make sure the photo measures 320 x 320 pixels. If you are attaching, and uploading only a picture, but it doesn’t match that size, you can blow it up or downsize it by using the Paint program on your computer and select Resize. The pic should not be more than 12 MBs.

People stuck in the Stone Age with flip phones with low-resolution cameras should have no problems because they won’t need to manipulate the photo for approval. Not all daters have the latest iPhone 3000 XXX. Requiring a photo keeps the scammers and catfishers beneath the water’s surface where they belong.

Getting Around the Site & Pulling Up Search Results

Sexuality is wide open today, and there are so many damn genders on the list that average folks, like you and I, who know nothing about them have lost count. If you are looking for M4W, W4M, M4M, or W4W, you would feel right at home in a comfortable space because no matter who or what you like, all profiles are in categories within the following search parameters:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Ethnicity
  • Body type

A website’s popularity means something in today’s world. It’s called “clout”. When you take a look at Adult Friend Finder, there are so many people pouring from the sky that finding what you like is a byproduct. Somebody will pop their head out of that rabbit hole. According to Dating Pilot, Be Naughty claims to have 40,000 people joining weekly; however, the evidence of that seems elusive. If true, the search results will reflect that.

You get the choice to manually change the location setting if you are a traveling man or woman because all the default results show in the city where you have signed up. Changing it will show a different list of users.

Searching for people by category is super easy. Just select the dropdown box and viola. Some selected choices they give are Indian, black, interracial, older, or European. It helps narrow down to show who you only want to see.

Is English your second language? No problem. Be Naughty has over 30 languages, so you will certainly find someone speaking your native tongue.

City-to-City, Country-to-Country Search

Mentioned earlier was the search location filter, but Be Naughty allows you to change that to the neighboring cities and states that are close. It could be from 20 to 100 miles from your current location, only should be used if you cannot find someone in your area. Not all of us live in major cities in apartments stacked on top of each other.

The very bottom of the page lists countries like Brazil, Spain, if you like to take your game international. Meeting someone on Be Naughty could be an excuse to get out the house and see the world in that respect.

Be Naughty’s Chat Rooms

Some people are introverts, and others are extroverts. Sometimes those introverts are cocooned in real life but spread their wings in a chatroom. Be Naughty has themed chat rooms for people who love dating online and talking spit.

  • Black chat room
  • Single chat room
  • Bisexual chat room

Based on these sections, Be Naughty does not discriminate as people have claimed happens on Grindr. The invitations are always open here, my friend. However, the chatrooms links do not route anywhere but back to your account’s dashboard!

The Account Dashboard

There is a lot of action on your account dashboard. When logged in, there is a 30% off discount for a free upgrade to send messages to people without limitations. That means place your bid with anyone you like, for a small fee. The longer the membership, the more you save. They have a ‘promote my account option that puts your account ahead of everyone else’s.

From the dashboard, you can view full-sized photos of the girls or guys you like to contact. The filters mentioned earlier are right there to pinpoint someone based on gender or age ranges of 18 to 78 years old (for MILFs).

Be Naughty Fake Girls & Bots Messages

Be Naughty does not seem like it has bots. Still, there was one embedded into the system under the name Site Administrator, that kept informing me about a discounted rate membership as discussed in the previous section. Beyond that, you will get messages from some accounts that seem like they are real, but they were online for the last week, sending robo-messages that say something like, “Hello there. I’m lonely. You should follow me”. They’re bots.

Profile Features From Nice Real Girls

Clicking on a girl’s profile opens up features like Chat, Like, Add to Favorites. Characteristics that you might find useful to determine what type of person you are chatting with lists as clickable boxes that read as tattoos, piercings, smoking, drinking, weight, and height. Some people have their profiles set up where you need to be requested to add them before actually adding them. If you don’t like the talent in the list, checking off the different characteristics will show more or bring up an entirely different list.

Membership Rates

  • 3-day trial – $3.15
  • 1 month – $29.99
  • 3 months – $48
  • 6 months – $80

This above rate finalizes as a 30% off deal that you will continuously see on the site. Putting in your credit card numbers open the premium support, unlimited searching and messaging, and more things that give you further reach on the site.

Be Naughty Credit Card Billing Payments

Be Naughty accepts all the major credit cards, which is cool, but they should have more. Also, those unauthorized charge puts a pain in my throat. Most other dating websites let you pay with e-wallets and even gift cards, but Be Naughty only accepts the following:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Be Naughty Billing Securities

Be Naughty Billing has a Geotrust that manages the SSL certificate. So this site has the type of protections of most major sites sending cryptic protocols when communicating securities. Another infamous security company that has stepped up their game on most major online dating websites is Norton. This piece of security makes sure that no malware or viruses linger on the server while you surf.


  • Searches and lock on the best matches in your area
  • Dating designs that make you feel wanted and cool
  • Detailed search filters that pull up a list of all the people you might like
  • Monthly memberships that do not cost too much
  • Major credit and debit card acceptances – no prepaid
  • Search filters


  • Confirmation email does not go to the spam folder, at least for me
  • Video chatting available; only the most prominent dating sites have this feature
  • Quality people than just those bootycalls on Tinder or OkCupid
  • Mobile app is available to use


  • Website lacks detailed information that users could use to learn more about it
  • Cannot proceed forward with an account unless you confirm your email address
  • Too many seemingly fake profiles that have robot-like feels (low responses, automated responses)
  • Unauthorized charges to credit card

What is the Final Say in the Be Naughty Review

Be Naughty is a pretty cool and naughty erotic website. The designs look good, and getting around is straight to the point. I have used Tinder only for sex and Adult Friend Finder for everything else, but Be Naughty seems to be the middle ground between the two when you’re looking for people who are considered ‘normal’ but also want some sex. Be Naughty seems like a good place to find singles to mingle and can even work when looking for something serious. Getting past the bots is a problem, but mostly an A-ok website.

A couple of good BeNaughty alternatives to check out Tinder, OkCupid, or Adult Friend Finder.