Calling all tops and bottoms. We have found an excellent website for same-sex lovers and cis-gendered questioners. is one of the best social media apps for an erotic hookup for anyone under the LGBTQ umbrella. It’s the go-to place for an emotionless booty call. A great for guys and divas who love thrusting and busting, and jetting out of there. If you are looking for a relationship long-term, then Grindr might not be the right spot for you. Most guys are on the hunt for sex, so keep that in mind as you browse profiles.

Who Can Use Grindr?

Grindr focuses on promoting equality for all people. The LGBTQ community is usually open-minded. Thus, straight, gay, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, drag queens, trans – any sexual orientation hanging from the Adam-4-Adam tree can make Grinder their permanent social media meet-up spot.

Every part of the globe has a LGBTQ community, so there is someone in those circles who has likely heard of this gay app. Grindr makes it a point to cater to an international affair with search results in many cities and countries and features to change the language preference. So, you will certainly find someone to get intimate with regardless of who you are and your location.

M4M Grindr Background Information

To understand Grindr, you need to know the origins. The original concept began as a seed in the mind of Joel Simkhai. He is a gay entrepreneur wanted to change how the queer world communicated and interacted. He accomplished this by bringing local singles together using a unique geolocator used across  the majority of dating websites. He decided to sell 50% of his shares to a Chinese firm Kunlun that ended up owning the entire website. Yet, operations remain in West Hollywood, California. At this moment in time, this company is thinking about selling the site in 2020. Each time ownership passes from hand-to-hand, the prices increase. That shows Grindr is the top-grossing dating website in the world.

Grindr Profiles Filtering System

Creating your profile requires an email to fetch a confirmation code. After that entry, they will ask for a name that you can make up out of thin air to stay in the closet. Adding a phone number and your social media account to sign up is completely optional.

Open your profile page, and you can see who tapped on it. See the people who are Online Now or the ones with Photos Only. There is a feature to swipe through the pics to see more like Tinder. From this menu, you can edit the settings and turn on your location to see results in your area. That counter will tell you if that person is online right now. There is a section full of basic and advanced filters that you would likely use to find the perfect companion.

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Ethnicity
  • Body type
  • Position
  • Relationship status
  • Looking for
  • HIV status
  • Last test date

Grindr Xtra Benefits

The above filters are all good, but if you want a full experience and feel like the man of the hour, then Grindr Xtra is the way to go. It gives access to unlimited blocking of people who gets on your nerves. Send unlimited messages to increase your chances of finding a potential pot-luck fuck. And more centralized and advanced search filters absent in the free system. 

Prices for unlimited access to these exclusive features:

  • 7-day free trial with a $19.99 monthly subscription
  • Three months for $29.97 (best value for long-term use)
  • One year is $71.88

Searching for M4M on

Since Grindr is a location-based app you will initially see the first list of guys in your area. No matter where you decide to travel globally, you can find someone to meet. Choose your Prince Charming out of 300,000 tadpoles online any time, according to the owner. Many users spend a minimum of 54 minutes on the site in addition to the amazing 228 million messages exchanged daily. The only problem with this amount of messages  is the amount of time likely invested in a potential catfish who is only using you to build up his confidence and plan to ghost you anyway.

People classify themselves as different types of users:

  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Geeks
  • Twinks
  • Otter
  • Jocks
  • Trans
  • Poz (HIV positive users)

Grindr Helps in Other Ways

People are extremely sexually active in the gay community, and Grindr understands that most users use the app to meet up for sex. So, the staff has taken the initiative to inform users about leading a healthy lifestyle in the Sexual Health Center, where they are encouraged to get tested for HIV. There is also a Resource Center for people to understand who they are.

Not only that, but Grindr helps people who have a difficult time identifying with their gender.

Moreover, a safety guide for avoiding trouble when meeting with someone on Grindr is located on the homepage. But you can only see this information using the browser. It’s more difficult to find on the app.

Grindr Google Android and Apple iTunes Mobile App

Using the mobile app is the most accessible way to meet men. The guy’s name is at the very top of the app. Below that is the number of miles he is located from you. You can see who is really close to you. It will tell you when the guy was last online or if he is currently online so you can instantly connect. The blue chat widget allows you to communicate with the guy right away to hookup immediately. If you don’t feel like talking to the guy right now, below the chat widget is a Favorites star to save his profile for later. If the talent you are looking at does not look tickle your fancy or even seem remotely interesting, click the red X button and continue browsing. All guys with green dots on their pics are currently online for easy access.

Grindr Dating App Pros

  • Free does not have too many limits. You can still use the app and meet men without all the paid features
  • Instant chatting
  • Inviting
  • Friendly
  • Simple
  • Does not rush you with a credit system that eats away at your messaging time
  • One of the largest, most popular gay sites in the world with over tens of millions of users worldwide
  • Has a swipe grid just like Tinder 
  • Not required to upload photos
  • No bots

Grindr Dating App Cons

  • Majority of guys are looking for mindless sex
  • Changes ownership a lot
  • Mobile app only
  • Although everyone is invited, most friendly to m4m users
  • Some guys feel discriminated against and get banned for no reason
  • Ads
  • Men of color might not feel wanted as some guys clearly state they do not prefer minorities hitting them up
  • Easy to become a victim; there are robbers on there

Grindr App Verdict

Grindr review says that this is the perfect app if you only want to enter some buns or do a little suckie, suckie. Tons of great free features shower site to the point you don’t have to subscribe to a membership, but if you want to become the king ding-a-ling or queen drag queen onsite, Grindr Xtra is the way to go. The app makes it easy to sign up with credit cards, PayPal, checks, or gift cards. There are a couple of issues such as strict rules that can get you banned, but they are not deal-breakers. You will for certain find somebody for sex. All in all, it’s a good app for gay dating online and meet for sex.