Good times bestowed upon us by a brand new decade. A lot of cool, legit, and real adult casual sex hookup sites and apps are appearing up all over the place for 2020. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the best hookup sites reviews where to find some NSA sex.

Ashley Madison provides a safe space for cheaters looking for extramarital sex without getting caught by their spouses. Each profile opens specifics about the user’s characteristics like height, weight, hair color, eye color, and sexual and gender orientations. A combination of this information summarizes what the person is all about, making it easy to determine whether yall have things in common. The free features have limits. So, purchasing credits opens the floodgates to sending an avalanche of messages and gifts as ice breakers.

Ashley Madison Best Free Hookup: Features

  • Instant messaging without verification
  • Blur feature to make your photos anonymous and unrecognizable to people who know you
  • Traveling feature informing the next city that you’re cumming to play
  • Tinder-like swiping
  • 24-hour customer care to voice your opinions and concerns
  • Credit cards, e-wallets, checks or money order, and gift cards for credit purchases
  • Some women profiles have 1-5-star ratings
  • Safety features to help you differentiate the criminals from businessmen
Ashley Madison

Dating Sites Review: Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison Sex Dating: Pros

  • Finding a sex dating partner is inevitable
  • A heap of rich men and feminine women wanting legit local adult sex
  • Membership is exploding day by day like TNT – shows a lot of people want to cheat today
  • One of the largest married dating sites that reaches an open hand across the planet

Ashleigh Mad Online Dating Cons

  • 2015 dating sites hack that exposed too much of users’ information
  • Website possesses the power to break up a family home if a spouse catches the other with a profile
  • Strict government rules (applicable to some Muslim countries) have blocked this online dating sex service
  • Some needy leeches sucking unsuspecting suckers dry
  • Fake profiles distributing robotic messages

Be Naughty Online Hookup App Review

BeNaughty Dating App: Pros

  • Positive designs that feel comfortable dating here
  • Location filters to hit hoes in different area codes
  • Choose what information on your profile to show to people
  • A quick 3-day trial testing period

BN Hookup Website: Cons

  • No chatroom, although there are claims of their existence
  • Should have more payment processors than the basic ones available
  • Plagued by mistaken, unauthorized credit card charges to your account
  • Large ratio of fake robotic profiles to real ones sending spam messages
Be Naughty

Be Naughty is a no-strings-attached online dating app all about getting naughty. Email confirmation and photo upload opens the advanced search filters. They pinpoint detailed parameters like eye color, body type, ethnicity, languages. This seems like the best site for finding a sex-crazed companion and hitting some booty in the tootie in local and international areas, late at night.

Be Naughty Hookup Site: Features

  • Set of advanced search parameters that goes by physical stature
  • Change locations to find anyone around both hemispheres
  • Geotrust SSL certification
  • Credit card acceptance for access to full features
  • Instant customer service as an online lifeguard to answer financial and user experience questions

OKCupid always seemed like a scam site because of all those crazy advertisements on webpage banners and television slots. Sometimes when a dating site has to advertise their services everywhere, usually it’s not the best place to surf for potentials. That is not the case with OkCupid.

Anybody living on the internet for the past 15 years or so knows the name OkCupid. They know it generates DTF matches of people wanting Christmas presents in the form of Barbie or Ken dolls.

Look at OKC as a social media website for the XXX adult community. Reading a profile should inform about everything regarding adults looking for casual sex just like you.

Ok Cupid NSA: Features

  • Casual sex instant local locator; best for millennial college students who are impatient and looking for a fuck buddy to take their minds away from midterms
  • Works absolutely the best with a desktop and a laptop, more than the Android and Apple applications
  • Users can select their sex type from many genders and sexual orientations
  • Mathematical based matching algorithm 
Ok Cupid

OkCupid One Night Stand Review

Ok Casual Hookup Platform Pros

  • One of the more straightforward sites to use
  • A place that attracts millennials
  • Discourages harassment
  • Strict security measures deleting fake profiles

OKC Online Dating Cons

  • People seem to care about their appearance way too much
  • People will lie at the drop of a hat just for a hookup (don’t believe anything you read from anyone you meet on OKC)
  • Many users are insecure about their bodies, education, jobs, and appearance (therapy needed)
  • Some profiles left for dead on this “popular” hookup dating site
  • Scammers pretend they are interested in a hookup for sex, but might ask for money at the end of the conversation
  • Easy for hackers to take control of your profile
  • Easy to get sex, but hard to find meaningful relationships
  • Women showered with messages that drown out yours

Bumble Review: Real, Top, Legit Adult Hookup Date Site

Bumble’s Legitimate: Pros

  • Cannot be the typical “digital bum” who gets play here
  • Women are not desperate slut buckets thirsting for affection 
  • The only dating app that has almost an equal ratio of women (45%) to men (55%)
  • Better people with good heads on their shoulders
  • Membership does not require digging deep in your pockets

Bumble’s Local Singles Scene: Cons

  • Strict; even celebrity actress Sharon Stone got her account banned because her matches reported her profile as fake
  • Cannot cover all the information about yourself in the 300-character bio
  • A man has to play the waiting game for 24-hours just to see if the woman of his dreams will accept his match request
  • Limited search parameters – there should be more
  • More people don’t know about this site and they should
  • Women are more reserved about their sexuality
  • Only the app can generate a list of FWBs
  • A couple of fake profiles have slipped through the cracks
  • Naked pics get rejected – can’t show your pootie tang

Bumble is one of the newest top DTF zon making solid statements. It’s an excellent alternative for young, lonely daters who spend all their time on a cellphone chatting with random people on social media, but can’t find anyone to “match” with in real life. Bumble allows women to take control of the ship and “make the first move”. It gives them the power to accept invitations they like from the guys they got a match.

No one can force a conversation on a woman here, and because of that, dating seems more open and respectful. Bumble also created non-dating sections for business people to network and those who want to find BFFs.

Number One Free: Features

  • 10 million profiles
  • Women choose who they want to communicate with
  • Unlimited swiping
  • Phone sign-in to verify the account, making things harder for people pretending to be others
  • Android, Google apps with over 600,000 downloads and pretty good reviews
  • Majority of connections result in a conversation
  • Mandatory photo verification that keeps Denzel Washington wannabes from tricking unsuspecting women

Establishing an instant hookup to get laid tonight is no longer an intimidating experience with Tinder. It is the number one spot for raw hedonism. That opens the doors to call someone who is DTF for a booty call in the middle of the night. All of this is possible with a simple LEFT swipe to signal NO and RIGHT swipe to signal YES. If the swipe is YES, then the conversation ensues within seconds. The matches are geographical. They pull up match results in local areas. This is an excellent option for people who want to pack up of their condoms and BDSM equipment and take their booty call tour on the road to different cities, counties, and countries. It’s one of the best dating apps for 2020. 

Top Rated Casual Sex: Features

  • Mobile app download Google for Android and Apple for iPhone
  • Large site with 57 million users
  • Swipe right, swipe left matches for singles ready to mingle
  • Tinder Plus membership starts at only $20 a month
  • Passport feature to set your location to another city that informs users locally that you’re cumming

Tinder Quick Sex App Review

Secret Hookup: Pros

  • People will likely meet up for sex
  • Tinder is a big ass name in online dating
  • Match with members across the globe
  • One of the more accessible dating sites to use
  • A lot of millennials
  • Attractive people who are easy on the eyes
  • The free side of the site is expansive enough to converse, instantly hookup, and spread open some buns to apply mayo


  • Recently released convicts and conspiracy theorists might feel paranoid about allowing the site to get access to their location and Facebook accounts
  • Mostly focuses its efforts in metropolitan areas
  • Getting a refund and canceling membership is a pain in the ass
  • Too short of a bio with only 500 characters that cannot cover everything you want to say about yourself
  • Different type of people (weirdos)
  • Inaccessible user interface on the app

Top 5 Hookup Sites of 2020 Final Statement

These are the best hookup sites for 2020. Check them out and see if they are right for you. There is something for everyone in each of these. The best in the list seems to be Ashley Madison.