The Craigslist online personals section was one of the best central locations online for horny people around the world to hook up with somebody for a one night stand. It seems that when every easily accessible pleasure producing activity not necessarily good for you takes off, the government steps in and takes it down – usually for a good reason, though.

A multi-agency sting sought out to completely eradicate one of the prominent online hookup sites for sex communities to combat prostitution.

Craigslist Personals, like Backpage, became synonymous with sex on the streets. Men had the idea burned in their minds that sex was readily available on Craigslist – possibly for a price. Unfortunately, they discussed prices in public, and that is when the meeting became prostitution, which is illegal in most U.S. states.

What happened to Craigslist? Many local pleasure seekers asked this question in 2018 and 2019 after the shutdown. The answers that lie in government documents at the Department of Justice, US Postal Service, Treasury, and Secret Service, where plenty of expenditures have been put forth by Congress to finally take down the Craiglist Personals, Backpage, and other sites that were used to assist prostitution. Past users were thirsting for something new. 2020 has given birth to a new life, a new personals section where all rights reserved. 

We reviewed several websites that replaced Craigslist in 2020.

Doubelist Review: Date Site for Casual Encounters

What is Doublelist? Doublelist operates like Craigslist. You can click on the Connect Now sections labeled women for guys or guys for women to see the list of postings for people looking for sex.

The latest posts are first visible ones in the list. They have titles indicating what the person is looking for or might offer for the night. Some of these titles might be labeled as “take me out tonight,” “need a lick,” or “phone sex.” You can find out what the person is looking for by the title alone. It keeps from having to read the entire post if you don’t want.

Many of the dating profiles have a person’s age. Unfortunately, people can lie about that because there is no type of verification.

A completed email verification, unique/complex password, and phone number (does not accept Vo-IP services) entry are required to proceed forward with making a post. The email and phone number will verify you are a real person.

Doubelist started in March 2018. Today, there are almost a million people who signed up for accounts.

Maybe you will like this website. Perhaps it’s not for you. What’s similar to Doublelist? Read the other reviews to find out!


  • Personal ads for casual sex
  • Connect with guys, girls, couples, gays, and trans
  • Sections include Dating, Sexual Education, Entertainment, 
  • The filter will erase vulgar language from the posts you see
  • 3 photos are required before a post gets approved
  • Moderators work around the clock to ban posts that go against the terms of service
  • Words that are considered sexual will get rejected from the posts. That includes massages, abusive stuff, incest, and prostitution solicitation


  • Users are actively making posts daily
  • Free to posts online personal ads
  • Sex focused


  • Strict censorship – can get banned for mentioning sex acts in a post
  • Some classified ads are not true to what they represent
  • Might see posts from the same person spammed several times across several days
  • Can’t read posts or reply to them without an account (only need email to sign up for a profile)
  • Sex work is restricted


  • Make searches by city and country
  • The page layout, navigation, and general setup is identical to Craigslist
  • Webpage has jazzy colors that feel very cool
  • Section for sales, jobs, real estate, services, vehicles, and personals
  • Safety tips to help you stay safe when meeting strangers online
  • Launched on August 21, 2006 in US cities only
  • Astronomically popular in India. Millions of listings for users there
  • Majority of the posts are in Chile, Japan, Australia, Singapore


  • Completely free to post something


  • People don’t have to post a photo: you don’t know who is behind the post
  • Not as many posts as Craigslist
  • Only a limited amount of people
  • No verification for the photos, which opens the criminal freeway

Locanto Review: Classified Network with an Average Interface

Locanto is an old classified ads. People would use it instead of Craigslist for a long time, but it never became as popular.

This adult services website has posts about different things – not only sex.

The casual encounter section is similar to Craigslist, so new people joining will already know the ropes.

One of the biggest problems with using this website is most people have never heard the name. Not attracting enough visitors would make someone say to remove the personals section.

Place Locanto into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Ask: you will find only about five pages of links. No one is really talking about Locanto today.

The categories of the classified ads are identical to the personals sections of Craigslist and Reddit for women looking for men and women relationship, trans and gays, and couples.

A search bar locates the sex ads according to the keyword programmed in. Results will show data like city, name, location.


  • Option to set profile to hidden
  • 500-word characters for the bio
  • Positive environment for escorts
  • Absolutely free to use
  • Searchable hashtags like Twitter
  • Almost 300,000 registered users and 18,000 active ones
  • Built on Mastodon
  • Australian based website

Switter Review: Online Local Free Personals Alternative

Switter is the adult version of Twitter. The team behind, the free online hookup personal ads website, also controls the xxx dating site Switter.

The amount of online personals is significantly lower than what you would find on Twitter (of course). Since Switter is more secretive on the net, the user base can experience a bit more freedom and wiggle room when messaging escorts. The women are jaw-droppingly astounding because the majority of them are porn stars and infamous escorts. Many already have a following from OnlyFans or live cam sites and use Switter to generate more clientele. Look at Switter as a social network for sex workers.

The ‘toots’, which are similar to tweets, show updates about what the adult entertainers are doing, rates for services, and links to their adult stores that carry videos, clothing, and toys. Press the follow button, and your account will automatically follow the other person’s account like on Twitter. Keep up with the updates that get sent to your email. As you can imagine, some women have thousands of followers on this platform.


  • Easy to create an account
  • Specific for sex work


  • Not as big as the other Craigslist replacements
  • No posts specifically geared towards LGBT
  • Highest priced escorts
  • Not accepting new sign ups right now
  • Disgusting user interface that looks nothing like Twitter


In the adult entertainment world, new booties always get one shot to make a lasting impression.

Ads Encounter made its presence known on the internet in March of 2018, so it’s the new booty of the classified ads world. 

It’s one of the premier dating sites for casual encounters of men looking for men, women looking for women, women looking for men, men looking for women, and couples.

The user interface looks and feel somewhat like Craigslist with a lot less non-sexual ads.

Only time will tell if this website is a worthy candidate for hooking up with calls girls or not. The reason we decided to complete a review is the list of porn videos on PornHub of guys getting sex from women that they claimed met on AdsEncounter. One guy had a threesome and one girl had her first BBC. Nothing feels more reassuring than real-world proof.

Here are some of the characteristics you will see about the person in each post:

  • Ethnicity
  • Height
  • Body
  • Sexuality
  • Age
  • Smoking or drug use
  • Brief description of the user base

People also uses this website for selling vehicles, searching for jobs and events.


  • Select local free CL-like classified ads by category, country, region, city, and state in the United States
  • Thousands of gay, straight, friendly adults casual encounters ads
  • Fun user-friendly website
  • Majority of the post have photos, but they are not of escorts like on Craigslist
  • Posts related to prostitution are not allowed to be posted here


  • A completely free way to create a posting
  • Stylish ads dripping with romanticism
  • Easy registration that new people can easily figure out


  • There are hardly any posts in the ad sections about friendship, sex, b&b hospitality requests
  • The entire website seems like an ad
  • Will likely not have an account ER encounter


  • Well-known around the world
  • Better than Craigslist
  • Actually dating site – no sales of items


  • Gold registration is required to do almost anything
  • Not setup like Craigslist so you would need to learn how to use the features and navigate around the layout
  • Saturated with horny ass men
  • Fake and inactive profiles that waste your paid credits

Adult Friend Finder

You can’t go wrong with Adult Friend Finder. But the user interface does not feel like a Craigslist personals alternative. I would say it operates better than Craigslist because you can send messages to people, see their real photos, and interact with even more people on the Forum and Blogs. That is why it gets mentioned in the majority of dating articles on the net. There are 80 million users worldwide who all want sex, a friend, or whatever. You can find them by using the filters that match their characteristics with yours. Anything you want.

Adult Friend Finder wins the category for the best ways to meet someone. The best part is that you do not even have to pay the people you meet. Sex is free! Just meet up and have sex for free. You are not obligated to pay anyone! This is more of a dating site than a place for personal escort services. 


  • Largest in the world
  • Find a variety of people
  • Award winning
  • Loyal community of people

Meet New People on Various Best Online Personals Websites

Is there any other sites like Craigslist personals? We answered this question for you. Some people absolutely loved using Craigslist. They appreciated the user interface, easy page layout, and ease of posting ads. Will Craigslist personals ever come back? Likely not. But people have moved to the Activities section as an alternative. Today, dating apps like Adult Friend Finder are taking over the game. 

These are a couple of online hookup ads sites for m4m, mfw, f4f, and f4m hunting. Some did not make the list, like Bedpage, because the FEDS allegedly run them. The ones listed on this review seem safe, for now. Enjoy your newfound Craigslist Alternatives. 

Disclaimer: If prostitution is illegal in your state, do not ask a person for sexual favors in exchange for money. If you feel like you are being sex trafficked or someone you know is getting trafficked, contact The National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 to get help. In no way are we promoting prostitution. We are only giving people a list of websites that are already known or have become more popular because of the Craigslist Personal section shutdown. We do not encourage or condone prostitution.